All the usual signs are there:

 Birds serenade us during walks to our favorite weekend lunch spot. Flowers fill the senses with fragrance and color.
Bike riders cruise past the window throughout each day.
Lawn mowers are humming in the distance
…and BASEBALL!!!

Another sure sign that Spring has arrived is an Inbox overflowing with messages from accountants, business managers, and other financial advisors who are looking for additional deductions to help reduce the tax bills of their business owner clients.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a tax deduction solution that also accelerates the growth of the client’s retirement benefits?

The answer, of course, is a Cash Balance Pension Plan!

Our team at Actuaries Unlimited, Inc. team are experts at creating Cash Balance Pension Plan designs customized to each client’s unique needs. We welcome the opportunity to spell out the options in a no-obligation conversation.

Please feel free to connect with us in between sips of lemonade!