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New Partner Named at Actuaries Unlimited, Inc. Actuaries Unlimited, Inc. welcomes newest Partner, Kory Hoertz


Kory Hoertz

by Actuaries Unlimited, Inc on July 1, 2021

Actuaries Unlimited, Inc. (“AUI”), the go-to retirement planning firm based in Encino, California, is pleased to announce the continued growth of our firm and welcome its newest Partner, Kory Hoertz, effective on July 1, 2021. A graduate of California State University-Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics, Kory has been with AUI for eleven years. 

He originally joined the firm in 2010 with a clear plan to become an Actuary, which he accomplished in just four short years. Kory is an Enrolled Actuary under the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries and specializes in Technical Analysis, Actuarial Software Programming, New Business Development, and Plan Design/Consulting for new and existing clients.

“We are so pleased to announce that Kory Hoertz, one of our Enrolled Actuaries who has been with Actuaries Unlimited, Inc. for his entire career, is now a Partner of the firm. His actuarial expertise allows us to provide exceptional service and innovative plan design that provides tremendous value to our clients and our firm.  We are proud to call him our Partner.” – Mindy Gassman, E. Mark Fishman, and Erin Russell

Kory is passionate about keeping AUI on the cutting edge of technology by staying up to date with the pension laws and leading in-house training. Kory also brings a fresh perspective to plan design to ensure AUI’s Administrators produce the most adaptive and creative proposals for new clients.

A native Californian who was born and raised in Orange County, Kory met his wife in high school and they now have three children – two girls and a boy.